Rosacea – Symptoms and Cure

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Rosacea is a common and benign skin disorder that affects many people. In the year 2008, nearly 14 million people in the United States have been suffering from it. Often people do not know that they are suffering from the disorder. Many do not know that it is diagnosable as well as treatable. Many feel […]

Adult Acne – Facts, Causes, Treatment

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Adults also face acne problem. Sometimes they may have suffered in their teens and later in their adulthood also they suffer from it. Almost 1 in about 5 women suffer from acne between the ages 25 to 40. Facts about adult acne One develops blackheads. These are caused not due to dirt but due to […]

Teen Acne – Facts, Emotional effect, Physical appearance

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Teenagers are very vulnerable to acne. Boys and girls both suffer from. It causes much distress. After all, teenagers like to look good and try their best to woo the opposite sex. Naturally, pimples on their face makes them look very ugly. The Androgen stimulates the sebum producing gland. Once they attain puberty, boys produce […]

Types of Acne

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Acne causes much emotional stress as it mars one’s face. Both children as well as adults suffer from it. Even new born also have acne problem. Those who are conscious of their looks naturally would not like to have pimples on their face. Acne is at times genetic and is also caused due to bad […]

Physical Effects of Acne

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The general view held is that acne affects teenagers mostly. No doubt, this has been true in most cases. But this is not the general rule. Even as one enters adulthood one can suffer from acne. At the same time there are many adults who may have suffered from acne in their teens, but do […]

Social Effects of Acne

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Acne cause much trauma and social discomfort unlike many other health problems. There is much maladjustment between children as well as parents. Both adults as well as children are affected by it. Teenagers, particularly go through a difficult phase. At the age there are very conscious about their looks as well as figures. Naturally, anything […]

Causes of Acne

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Acne usually appears when one attains puberty. Young boys and girls face this problem and even adults as well as elderly also experience it. Many teens even when they turn 25 face this problem. Newborns are faced with temporary acne. In other words, people of all ages suffer from it. It is also very common […]

Acne and Skin Basics

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Acne happens to be the most common disorder that doctors come across. Mostly teenagers suffer from it. It can be quite embarrassing at it mars one’s beauty. Most teenagers detest acne. They would like to have a clear skin. It can also cause much anxiety. Those suffering from it withdraw from public and also suffer […]