Blue Light Therapy for Acne

Posted on September 3, 2014 in Acne Treatment

If you have gone through all traditional as well as natural methods to treat acne related issues but are still left with no positive outcome, then perhaps you should go for blue light therapy for acne. Commonly known as diode laser therapy, this technologically innovative process to treat acne has become widely popular among the patients all over the world. The skin needs to be exposed under blue laser radiations of low intensity and that effectively works upon the acne. You must remember that the treatment needs to be done several times because the acne cured by this method can spread very quickly on the same or the other parts of the body. Since the process involves hi-end technology you can expect some mild side effects like redness of the treated area or dryness of the skin but they will fade off with time.

The blue light therapy for acne is a very new concept in the skin care treatment. However it is very effective as well. The feedback is good and almost 75% of the people get cured with initial few treatments. You must be wondering how the laser light can eliminate the age old problem within few days! The strong radiations successfully kill the bacteria that accumulate on the surface of the skin and hence future breakouts can be prevented. If you are able to maintain a good cleaning routine for your face after the radiations are over, you can in fact see the best results. Don’t let the removed bacteria accumulate again on your face!

Blue light therapy has several advantages to look at. First of all it is painless and do not take much time to get completed. Also, since they do not contain UV rays, they are safe and cannot cause skin cancer. It is very effective for inflammatory acne and gives positive results. However, before the treatment is done, you must get the type of acne checked by a good dermatologist, because not all types of acne can be treated by the laser treatment.

You can get plenty of centers where this blue light treatment gets done under the strict supervision of expert dermatologists. After the initial treatments are done, you can go for the rest at your home as well. if you are opting for that, you need to do it at least twice per day for the treatment to be effective. You can get handheld as well as tabletop devices for the therapy. They take variable time and you can choose them as per your convenience. They are not very costly and come with full instructions on how to use them properly. But you must see a dermatologist before you can start taking the therapy at home, they will provide to you the necessary guidance needed for the same.

So if you are unwilling to take harsh medicines or do not have the time to go though the natural remedies, you can choose blue light therapy as an option. It will get you rid of those severe skin issues at a reasonable price with nominal side effects.

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