Cosmetics and Acne

Posted on April 30, 2010 in Acne Prevention

Cosmetics have chemicals and as a result they do have an effect on acne. Acne caused by cosmetics is a milder type and is caused by topical factors and not on account of complex processes occurring within one’s body. As it is caused on account of outside chemical substances acne cosmetic is easy to get rid of.

Make-up is often used to look physically attractive and also to feel psychologically good. Since make-up contains chemicals it is no doubt bad for the skin. It can cause skin disorders such as acne.

What is acne cosmetica?
Acne cosmetica is rather small, pink as well as rashy bumps on the chin as well as forehead. It develops over period of time about weeks or months and at times remains for a long period of time. The outbreak can be prevented by the stopping the usage of that particular cosmetic. Studies indicate that make-up does not cause acne but aggravates the existing acne condition.

Nowadays everybody likes to look good even at work place. Make-up has become part of one’s grooming. People use on a daily basis. Obviously cosmetics are on the rise so skin disorder such as acne are also on the increase. Acne caused by cosmetic can be identified by whiteheads that tends to cluster around the cheek chin as well as forehead. By trying to hide the acne with the use of cosmetics, people actually worsen the condition.

Some of the cosmetics can cause comedones, or perhaps basic type of acne. This inducing of acne is termed as “acnegenicity”. The synthetic oils in cosmetics cause acne.

These days cosmetics are much in use. Young girls and women like to look good. Men also use some form of make-up to hide-effects defects in their skin. Naturally, cosmetics are not good for the skin. One is at risk of developing acne.

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