Exercise and Acne

Posted on April 29, 2010 in Acne Prevention

Exercise is essential to maintain good health and also deal with many health problems. In case one has back pain, or feels depressed, or is suffering from obesity, doctors recommend exercise. Exercise not only tones up the body, but also improves the blood circulation.

Exercise can be in any form. One can carry out physical exercises, go in for swimming, or play games, indulging in walking or trekking. Whatever kind of physical activity it may be it is good for acne.

How Acne improves through exercise?
Acne also improves with exercise. In a lot of physical exercise improves blood flow and this in turn keeps the skin healthy and glowing. The oxygen is able to reach the cells of the skin, thus making them healthy. Exercise makes one sweat and this in turns cleans up the pores as the dirt gets removed.

Exercise also improves the cardio-vascular system and also the functioning of the kidneys and there is better supply of oxygen to the body. This improves the overall condition of the body and one maintains good health. The body is able to get rid of toxins easily. Improved oxygen supply, better functioning of body organs, and better blood circulation reduces the stress levels, which means the chances of developing acne are less.

Good cardio-vascular functioning means better supply of oxygen to various parts of the body. This would mean that the skin would receive better blood circulation prevent any skin disorders.

Outdoor exercises are good for good blood circulation as one gets good oxygen supply particularly in the morning hours.

Hygiene and exercise
One must maintain good hygiene. One must shower after exercise to get rid of sweat. Sweat blocks the pores and dirt accumulates and this causes acne. Swimming, exercises in the sun are very good. Walking is also very good form of cardio-vascular exercise. Yoga and Tai chi is also very good. This helps one to relax and calm the mind. In other words one is able to control stress. The mind can cope up better. This would mean that the skin would not get affected and one can avoid acne.

Exercise is essential to maintain good skin tone.

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