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Posted on April 27, 2010 in Acne Prevention

There is much controversy about stress and lifestyle causing acne. Stress affects the natural body mechanism which can cause the onset of acne. Insufficient sleep, improper food intake, sedentary lifestyle, over-exertion, emotional problems, anxiety, relationship problems, emotional distress etc. can cause stress. Hectic lifestyles can also affect one’s health.

How does stress cause acne?
Skin pores get clogged on account of stress. It results in inflammatory condition of the body and results in the walls of the pores getting clogged. When this occurs the body becomes red and there is an influx of pus. When we are under stress our adrenal gland gets into state of overdrive. Androgen, that is male hormones, which the androgen gland produces tend to increase. Androgen levels when they become high can cause more acne. This applies to women more, as they produce more androgen in their adrenal gland. This is the reason why women experience more stress.

How to combat stress?

Good habits, psychological and physical well-being also reduces stress, which in turn controls acne.

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