Acne Medications

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One can make use of many medications to clear the acne. One can make use of topical medications that are prescribed can be made use of.

What kind of medical approach helps cure acne?
Systemic (this works internally) is required to treat severe acne and can be used for moderate purposes. They play an essential role in acne treatment. For long term control dermatologists can control as well as combine therapies.

Interlesional Corticosteriod Injection
When an acne cyst gets severely inflamed, then the chances are there that it will get ruptured and may cause scaring. It lessens inflammation as well as promotes healing. An interlesinal corticosteroid injection works by tying to melt the cyst over a time period of 3 to 5 days.

Isotretinion is a potent oral retinoid that is no doubt reserved for treatment of very severe cystic acne as well as severe acne which has proved resistant to other medications.

Topical Antimicrobials
These are usually used to treat patients with mild as well as severe inflammatory acne.

Oral Antibiotics
Oral antibiotics are good as therapy. They are prescribed for about six months or perhaps less.

Erthromycin – This is effective against bacterial. The side-effect of this is the irritation of gastrointestinal tract.

Tretrcycline as well as derivatives
Tretacyclines actually reduce the papules as pustules (inflammatory lesions of the acne). Children below 8 years of age must not take it as it stains the teeth and affects the growth. They must not be taken by a pregnant woman or those who are breast feeding. Tetracyclines can affect the development of the child’s teeth as well as bones, causing skeletal defects if taken during pregnancy.

Topical Retinoids
These are derivative of Vitamin A. They unclog pores and also prevent whiteheads. As well as blackheads from forming. They can increase the sun sensitivity and they are essential for sun protection. One adheres to the instructions given by the dermatologist to maximize the effectiveness of these medications.

Acne can be treated with medication. One must not pinch them. One must treat them properly.

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