Hygiene and Acne

Posted on April 21, 2010 in Acne Prevention

It is common belief that dirt results in acne, although it is not the primary cause. Dirt by itself does not cause acne problem. It can aggravate acne symptoms and result in much severity. It is very essential to keep one’s body clean for a very healthy skin. Our outer player of the skin respire and get oxygen. In case dirt accumulates, then the skin cells cannot get the necessary oxygen. One must have regular bath and maintain basic hygiene that would make the skin healthy good looking as well as fresh.

How bacteria affects the skin?
Germs as well as parasites also infect one’s skin. Both are found in the air and tend to settle down on one’s face. Bacteria gets into the follicles and start reproduction. The most common bacteria that occurs within one’s hair follicles are Escherichia coli as well as Propionibacteria. Bacterial infection as well as inflammation tend to make one’s hair narrower thus restricting the efficient discharge of sebum.

In very severe cases bacteria gets mixed with sebum and results in the production of sebum. Then plaque on the other hand clogs one’s hair follicles. Blocked hair follicles results bumps that are called whiteheads as well as blackheads.

The bacterial enters into the hair follicles and then feeds on the nutrients of the body. The cells of the hair follicles tend to get deprived of essential vitamins as well as nutrients. In course of time the infection develops further and eventually damages the hair follicles as the skin cells have nothing to feed upon.

How to cleanse one’s face?
For cleansing the facial skin, one can go in for facials and make use of cleansers that remove hair follicles. Dirt actually penetrates into the skin layers that cannot just be removed by simply washing one’s face with water. One has to use mild cleansers along with soap.

Taking care of the affected skin
One must avoid using a towel after a face wash as well as bath. The towel contains a lot of bacteria. That get transferred onto the skin. After rinsing one’s face. Most people forget this and tend to make use of the towel. If one suffers from acne, it is of no use to make use of the towel.

Cosmetics must be rinsed off
One must rinse of cosmetics before going off to sleep. While sleeping one’s body temperature increases slightly more than normal. Cosmetics actually restricts the sebum from getting discharged from the skin and gets mixed up with the bacteria to get mixed up with sebum.

Avoid squeezing or picking
One must not squeeze the acne as it can result in infection. It is better to get proper treatment.

Shower after exercise
One tends to sweat a lot while exercise and accumulates bacteria. Therefore, one must have shower immediately after exercise.

Dirt may not actually cause acne, but will aggravate the condition. It is important to maintain basic body hygiene. It can also cause inflammation.

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