Homeopathic Remedies for Acne

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If you are a victim of the common problem of acne, and feel that only synthetic medicines can cure it, then you are totally wrong! Today medical science has come up a long way to cure severe problems like acne with the help of homeopathy. It is an absolute non-toxic system of medicine and is […]

Blue Light Therapy for Acne

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If you have gone through all traditional as well as natural methods to treat acne related issues but are still left with no positive outcome, then perhaps you should go for blue light therapy for acne. Commonly known as diode laser therapy, this technologically innovative process to treat acne has become widely popular among the […]

Cosmetics and Acne

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Cosmetics have chemicals and as a result they do have an effect on acne. Acne caused by cosmetics is a milder type and is caused by topical factors and not on account of complex processes occurring within one’s body. As it is caused on account of outside chemical substances acne cosmetic is easy to get […]

Exercise and Acne

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Exercise is essential to maintain good health and also deal with many health problems. In case one has back pain, or feels depressed, or is suffering from obesity, doctors recommend exercise. Exercise not only tones up the body, but also improves the blood circulation. Exercise can be in any form. One can carry out physical […]

Treatment of Acne through Benzoyl Peroxide

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One can treat acne with Benzoyl Peroxide. The regimen is simple. One has to make use of inexpensive over the counter products. The products of course are very important but also has to be sure of the amount one uses. The important thing is to use the irritation. Apply the product gently and one must […]

Stress and Lifestyle

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There is much controversy about stress and lifestyle causing acne. Stress affects the natural body mechanism which can cause the onset of acne. Insufficient sleep, improper food intake, sedentary lifestyle, over-exertion, emotional problems, anxiety, relationship problems, emotional distress etc. can cause stress. Hectic lifestyles can also affect one’s health. How does stress cause acne? Skin […]

Acne Medications

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One can make use of many medications to clear the acne. One can make use of topical medications that are prescribed can be made use of. What kind of medical approach helps cure acne? Systemic (this works internally) is required to treat severe acne and can be used for moderate purposes. They play an essential […]

Treatment of Acne and Tretinoin

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To treat mild or moderate acne one must use a topical retinoid. Tretinoin rapidly keeps one’s pores clear of cellular debris and also prevents the formation of comedones. Tretinonin improves the look of fine lines. How does it is help? It repairs the skin damage. There are a lot of benefits by using this medication. […]

Diet to Avoid for Acne

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Diet meant to prevent acne is indeed a very controversial subject as sufficient studies are not here to prove so. Although many believe that chocolates or perhaps greasy foods can cause acne, this view some hold is not true. No doubt, changes in dietary habits can prevent acne. Such changes are good for maintaining good […]

Hygiene and Acne

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It is common belief that dirt results in acne, although it is not the primary cause. Dirt by itself does not cause acne problem. It can aggravate acne symptoms and result in much severity. It is very essential to keep one’s body clean for a very healthy skin. Our outer player of the skin respire […]